DFI Female Founders Round Table 2021

DFI is thrilled to present our Female Founders Round Table via Facebook Live, Tuesday, January 26th at 6:00 PM Central, hosted by our CEO, Michelle Burkhead. This interactive event will showcase five female entrepreneurs that were featured in 2020 by the DFI team. This collaborative event will focus on the dynamic and individual entrepreneurial experiences of these founders and provide wisdom and guidance to up and coming female entrepreneur founders. Be sure to join us for a chance to get featured this year. Learn more and join us.

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About DFI:
Dynamic Foundations Institute is a place where all entrepreneurs, regardless of education level, business experience, financial status, or whatever, can receive assistance to make their companies grow. Large companies typically have tons of money to hire external experts to help them start new companies and sources for information. Small businesses don’t have that luxury. This is where DFI can help. We know how to help small businesses because we are a small business. We provide high-quality services that fit within the budget for small and medium-sized businesses. So regardless of the type of business you have or intend to start, we all need a foundation. This foundation needs to be strong yet dynamic. We are here help provide institutional learning and consultation services in a welcoming environment. Review our courses or contact us regarding consulting services today!