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Becoming a Legacy Maker

Time to start building your legacy.

Becoming a Legacy Maker

When was the last time you thought about your legacy? Often, we think about our next business move or next life event, such as buying a house. These milestones are significant, but what about your overall legacy. How are you helping other entrepreneurs, or what actions have you taken to improve for your community?

If these are things you know you would like to do but have not gotten around to or don’t know how to start, then Becoming a Legacy Maker is your first step.

Becoming a Legacy Maker is a way for entrepreneurs to gain insight and identify ways to build a legacy they desire. So whether you want to start a franchise, become a local politician, start a mentorship program, or any manner of dreams, you first have to identify your goals and create an action plan.

Let’s take the plunge together to go from entrepreneur to legacy maker.

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