I started Dynamic Foundations Institute when I found my purpose in life.  I have always been captivated by the concept of business. I like seeing people take a small idea and turn it into a profitable company and seeing how business functions such as marketing, accounting, technology, etc. all come together to create a business construct.  I had a great career doing this very thing.  I worked for a Fortune 100 company assisting with the establishment of manufacturing plants, both domestically and internationally.  This job was fantastic, but I began to wonder if there was more to life. I had a great job, but I did not have an opportunity to help others grow in a meaningful way.  

I have always wanted to “dabble” in entrepreneurship, but I didn’t know what type of business I wanted. Even more, I didn’t think I had the skills to start a business. I just knew I wanted my life to be about helping others. It took me several years and a breaking point, which led to an epiphany to decide to create a business around assisting small businesses. 

I remember sitting in a seminar after having several tough weeks, feeling like something had to change when a speaker at a conference shared her story.  It was eerie because her story was similar to mine. As she described her motivation to start her business, I was inspired. At that moment, I knew what my path forward was.  I remembered seeing the courageousness of people in other countries engaging in entrepreneurship out of necessity and decided I wanted to help them. The conference and my fond memories of hard-working entrepreneurs led me to create the Dynamic Foundations Institute.  

Dynamic Foundations Institute is a place where all entrepreneurs, regardless of education level, business experience, financial status, or whatever, can receive assistance to make their companies grow.  Large companies typically have tons of money to hire external experts to help them start new companies and sources for information. Small businesses don’t have that luxury. This is where DFI can help. I know how to help small business because I am a small business owner. We provide high-quality services that fit within the budget for small and medium-sized businesses. So regardless of the type of business you have or intend to start, we all need a foundation. This foundation needs to be strong yet dynamic. We are here help provide institutional learning and consultation services in a welcoming environment.  

I hope that you will join our family at Dynamic Foundations Institute.  I will see you soon.  

Michelle L. Burkhead, Founder & CEO 


Michelle has the gift of asking the right questions to lead you to the answer you were looking for. After 30 minutes she helped me create a narrative for my business. She assured me that if the business was truly my passion with her coaching and tools I could make it happen. I have tried online assessments to define my business but they did not lead me to my heart’s desire the way Michelle did. I know she cares.

Lydia Irby

Wonderful! The course content is so detailed! I bet a lot of small businesses don’t know some of this information. I can’t wait to go back through the course and find out what I want my business to be.

Maureen V., Aspiring Entreprenuer
Michelle understands that one needs to understand the overall strategy in order to solve a problem (or start a business). She has an excellent and unique ability to be direct while not putting people on the defensive. Michelle helped me to take technical leadership techniques I thought that I knew and learn how to apply them more effectively. Michelle brings a unique set of skills, an effective style, and an excellent base of experience to the projects (or clients) she manages her presentations, and her coaching and consulting engagements. Michelle can help teams work better and I highly recommend her to lead highly complex projects.
Barbara Cole


Our vision is to spread passion in the world by fulfilling the entrepreneurial dreams of our clients, associates, and all communities we serve through business development and mentorship.


Dynamic Foundations Institute will provide entrepreneurs and emerging business owners with comprehensive business solutions for startups and/or businesses needing transformation. To provide superior customer service to our family of clients, we will only employ intelligent, caring and innovative associates.


Our company is guided by six core values that ensure our clients are not only satisfied with our work, but are true shining testaments of what can be achieved when we work synergistically.

  • Principles – We always do the correct thing for everyone we interact with by building trust and mutual respect.
  • Purpose – We are purpose driven – helping our clients achieve their specific goals no matter how big or small.
  • Perseverance – We work diligently and smartly to ensure total satisfaction – going the extra mile is standard for us.
  • Positivity – We seek to always find positivity in everyone and everything we interact with.
  • Partnership – We work together with our associates, clients, suppliers, and community to create a superior business environment that is inclusive, diverse and vibrant.
  • Progression – We press for progress daily by helping our clients advance their business goals.

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