Thought-provoking coaching to maximize your potential

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Comprehensive Business Review or Startup Plan

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Legacy Making Starts Here – Identify & Build Your Future

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Using processes to create consistency & profit

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I transform private sector employees into entrepreneurs using people and process techniques I’ve learned in the corporate world to help them build their businesses, increase their profits, and create an esteemed legacy.

Ready to Transition From Corporate to an Entrepreneur?

Enlightened & Esteemed

Do you find yourself thinking about ways to transition from your corporate career to opening your own business and do not know what steps to take? Maybe you already have a business and want to use your company’s solid reputation to transform yourself into a community leader. Through clear goals and thought-provoking questioning, Enlightened & Esteemed will help you move from thinking to acting to building your legacy.

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Hands-on, step-by-step guidance.

Business Buildout

Through a detailed analysis of your existing business or creating a customized business startup plan, Business Buildout provides personalized hands-on consulting options to help you transform your company from its foundation.

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Time to start building your legacy.

Becoming a Legacy Maker

When you reflect on your life, what legacy have you built, or better yet, how do you methodically engineer a legacy? Becoming a Legacy Maker provides you with a step-by-step approach to identify and craft your future. Starting with the end in mind will help you strategically plan the present.

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Helping you achieve consistent profits.

Processing Your Way to Profit

What’s another name for a process? Consistency……. And consistency leads to profit. Processing Your Way to Profit shows you ways to build solid business processes to obtain and retain customers. Because we all know, customer retention results in reoccurring profit potential.

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