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Enlightened & Esteemed

Ready to Transition From Corporate to an Entrepreneur?

Enlightened & Esteemed

Owning and leading a business is a highly respected position. You get the opportunity to impact the lives of your family, employees, and customers. But leading a company is not a solo activity. Everyone needs help. Sometimes you might need someone to help you flush out your ideas or help you see things clearer.

If you are pondering your new business or ideas to help your existing business, the Enlightened & Esteemed program is for you. During this 3-month program, you will receive personalized support to help you enlighten your business and feel like an esteemed entrepreneur.
Want a better understanding of the program? Here is a video explaining the benefits of business coaching and why you should enroll today.

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Ready to Transition From Corporate to an Entrepreneur?

In the Enlightened & Esteemed program, you will receive support from a professional business coach. Each session is confidential and will help you and your business reach your highest potential. And remember, you can enroll in this program anytime you need support.

About your coach

L. Michelle Burkhead

After spending over a decade in a Fortune 500, Michelle uses her skills to help entrepreneurs build their legacies. Leveraging her extensive background in human resources and coaching, she had designed a business coaching program to assist entrepreneurs in solving business problems and crushing company goals. In each session, you can either choose a problem to solve or a goal to achieve. Each session becomes a transformative experience with the challenging questioning and motivational support of Michelle. After each session, you will be on your way to feeling Enlightened & Esteemed.



In-Session Discovery & Action Plan

Out-of-Session Implementation & Accountability

A helpful template is provided to help you identify the topic for each session.

Using your pre-work template, come to each session prepared for a positive experience to help you transform yourself and business. Create SMART action plans to achieve the session goal.

Transformation continues outside of your sessions. Implement your plans and hold yourself accountable. Your coach will help will assist with weekly check-in messages.

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About Your Coach

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